Arizona fire department warns of snakes living in pool noodles


BUCKEYE, Ariz. (WTHR) – The Buckeye Police Department in Arizona is warning residents about snakes hiding in pool noodles.

The department says a resident kept their pool noodles against the wall next to their pool and the next time they went to use them, a snake fell out.

No one was bitten by the snakes, but there were a couple of other young rattle snakes living in the noodles.

"After some research, we found that there have been reports of snakes (NOT RATTLESNAKES-they do not lay eggs) actually laying their eggs inside the pool noodle itself or around pool noodles that have been left outdoors near bushes or block fences," the fire department wrote in their Facebook warning.

If you see a snake, the fire department says to stay calm. The worst thing you can do is panic.

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