Argument over song sends man to hospital

Roger Washburn (Image provided by Johnson County Sheriff)

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WTHR) - Deputies arrested a Greenwood man Friday night after an argument over a Bruno Mars song led to gunplay.

Roger Washburn, 71, was jailed on battery and criminal recklessness charges for allegedly hitting his friend with a loaded gun and firing a shot when their argument turned physical.

Larry Tillison of Shelbyville was undergoing treatment for a facial cut at the hospital when he told Johnson County Sheriff's deputies he and Washburn were at Washburn's house in Greenwood when the argument started.

A third man, Glenn Hall, also of Shelbyville, witnessed the fight and verified to deputies over the phone that the altercation did center on whether the song they were listening to on Washburn's sun porch was sung by Bruno Mars.

When Washburn disagreed with Tillison, he got his 38 revolver and hit Tillison in the cheek. The gun went off. Then Washburn fired another shot. None of the three men knew where that bullet landed.

Deputies left the hospital and arrested Washburn at his house. They took the gun as evidence.

Tillison told police he didn't need victim notification when Washburn was released from jail. The men say they had been friends for 50 years.

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