Architect of trauma care in Indiana is stepping down

Dr. Gerardo Gomez (Photo: Eskenazi Health)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - There is a big change coming at the top of Eskenazi Health. The architect of trauma care in Indiana, Dr. Gerardo Gomez, is stepping down.

Gomez presided over care for patients in the Indiana State Fair stage collapse and cared for our officers when shot.

When he came to Wishard Hospital 26 years ago, there were no trauma centers. Gomez started the first, knowing it was key to saving lives.

Now, there are 21. A huge difference from then to now when tragedy strikes.

"When a person, for example, injured in a car crash and brought in without a trauma center, time goes by. The patient bleeds out and dies," Gomez said. "But today, he comes to a trauma center and we are here before the patient gets here, to the ER as soon as we can and that patient is alive when he would have died years back."

The doctor's legacy extends beyond patient care. When they built a new hospital, when a patient lands on the roof, takes the central elevator to the burn unit and emergency room. Gomez fought for it and won, knowing for his patients, minutes matter.

"He's a joy to work with. I think he's brought...he's a joyful person. I love him and he's brought joy to trauma care," said Chief Nursing Officer Lee Ann Blue.

The staff is emotional. They share the joy of the potential of saving lives.

Gomez, 70, is transitioning out this month.

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