'Anybody need a grandma for Christmas' Craigslist post goes viral


TULSA, Okla. (WTHR) — A grandma's plea on Craigslist to spend the holidays with a family Craigslist has gone viral.

On Dec. 11, Carson Daniel Carlock shared a screenshot of a Craigslist ad in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he came across that said, "Anybody need a grandma for Christmas? I have nobody and would really like to be part of a family. I cook and I can cook dinner. I'll even bring food & gifts for the kids! I HAVE NOBODY AND IT REALLY HURTS! Let me be part of your family."

Shortly after, Carlock said the Craigslist post was deleted because people were sending the woman hateful messages.

Carlock said he reached out but has not heard back from her; however, he did reach out to Craigslist on Saturday to try and find the grandma's contact information.

Carlock's Facebook post has been shared more than 6,500 times.

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