Antlers hopelessly entangled, stuck bucks rescued by hunter with saw

A hunter uses a tree limb saw to free two bucks whose antlers had become entangled. (Photo: NBC News)

BOWNE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WTHR) - A heroic rescue was caught on camera recently when hunters came upon two large deer in Michigan.

Their antlers were entangled and the bucks were hopelessly stuck together.

The person who found them knew the two couldn't break apart and could die, so he called friends to help.

Eventually, one of the men was able to use a tree limb saw to cut the antlers apart while the deer thrashed in a creek.

"They were helpless in the situation they were in, they couldn't help themselves, so this was our chance to make a difference that day," said Brad Lyons, who handled the saw.

Once they were separated, they ran off in different directions.

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