Anti-violence plan includes more cops in neighborhoods, programs for troubled youth

Officials outlined a multi-pronged plan aimed at reducing violent crime in a February 19, 2020 news conference. (Photo: WTHR)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - On the same day the city announced arrests in a quadruple murder case, officials outlined a plan to stop the violence.

Part of it includes a 25 percent increase in resources for the Crime Gun Intelligence Center. It quickly connects guns to offenses and the people responsible for them.

The center is already credited for taking hundreds of criminals and guns off the street.

IMPD is working with the U.S. Attorney to take gun crime cases to federal court, where the penalties are stiffer than in state courts.

"We seek to make Indianapolis the last place on Earth you want to be caught illegally possessing a gun," said Mayor Joe Hogsett.

Eighty percent of the murders in Indianapolis involved guns. Seventy percent of murder suspects have a previous felony arrest.

The case where four people were shot and killed Feb. 5 in a Shady Oak Drive apartment is just part of a recent spike in violence seen in Indianapolis.

City leaders are working with several groups to find ways to reduce violent crime.

At a Wednesday news conference, IMPD said they were targeting the so-called "trigger pullers" and referred to them as public enemy number one.

They promised to put more officers on neighborhood beats and strengthen programs aimed at helping troubled teenagers.

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