Andrew Luck surprises Perry Township student winners of 'Change The Play' contest

Andrew Luck visits with contest winners at Burkhart Elementary School in Perry Township Friday. (WTHR photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Students at an elementary school in Indianapolis got a big surprise from an NFL star Friday.

"You finished the 'Change the Play Challenge' and won an award for us to come and hang out a little bit," Colts quarterback Andrew Luck told the students at Burkhart Elementary School in Perry Township.

Luck visited Mrs. Sylvester's class, who won an essay contest for Riley Hospital for Children's "Change The Play Spring Challenge." Part of their award was a story read by the Colts quarterback.

The challenge is part of the hospital promoting a healthy lifestyle.

"When you are thirsty, just listen. Your body says, "I think I need to get water, so drink, drink, drink. When you are hungry, your stomach starts grumbling and rumbling, 'feed me, or else I will go right on rumbling'," Luck read aloud.

That was not a problem Friday, because all the kids in the class were given t-shirts and healthy snacks.

"Change The Play is designed to use the kids as a catalyst to change the families' activities, because if we can teach this in school, they can take these ideas and concepts home. Staying hydrated, being active, making smart choices about what you do and what you eat, that can change a whole family's dynamic," said Riley Hospital for Children COO Dr. Paul Haut.

Then they all marched down to a school convocation.

"Do you guys know I am a professional athlete? Which is super awesome because my job is to go to recess," Luck told the convocation.

Then Luck led the group in a few exercises and then took a few questions.

"What is your favorite food to eat?" a student asked.

"My favorite food to changes everyday, but right now it's bananas," Luck answered.

Afterwards, Luck said it's all about encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

"A big part is getting out in front of it. Eating well, sleeping, exercising, giving your brain a break and I love hanging out with kids," he said.

"Change the play!" Mrs. Sylvester's class exclaimed as they posed for a picture with the Colts quarterback.

That is apparent.