Andrew Luck shows off dance moves in new sports drink ad


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Andrew Luck has become the talk of Twitter, and it has nothing to do with his talents on the football field. Instead, people have taken notice of his moves on the dance floor.

In a new commercial for sports drink BODYARMOR, Andrew Luck and Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout get into an epic dance battle, and their old-school dance moves has everyone talking.

Luck starts off with a little funky chicken action before throwing it over to Trout, who responds with some classic Disco arm rolls. A full-out Disco dance battle hilariously ensues as the narrator reads the tagline: "Andrew Luck and Mike Trout wouldn't get into an outdated Disco battle, so why would they choose an outdated sports drink?"

"We wouldn't," they say in unison.

Everyone from Colts fans and players to loyal customers and professional athletes have chimed in on the ad.

Contrary to the ad, at least one person thought Andrew Luck would actually get into an outdated dance battle.

Even Captain Andrew Luck himself had something to say about it.

Andrew Luck started investing in BODYARMOR in 2013.

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