Anderson police officer accused of dealing drugs on duty


A veteran member of the Anderson Police Department has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly dealing drugs while on duty and in a marked patrol car.

Officer Donald Jordan was arrested by the FBI Thursday and faces federal charges of possession with the intent to distribute hydrocodone and a charge of possession with the intent to distribute Xanax.

His boss, Anderson Police Chief Larry Crenshaw, told Eyewitness News, "You've heard the old saying one bad apple. But there are a lot of good, dedicated professionals in this police department and my goal is to instill that."

Crenshaw contacted FBI in July immediately after hearing allegations that Jordan was involved in suspicious activity and has fully cooperated with federal investigators since.

The probable cause affidavit alleges that Jordan bought Xanax for someone who did not have a prescription for the drug, which is a controlled substance. He was in his marked patrol vehicle on duty and in full police uniform with a side firearm when he conducted the Xanax transaction, according to court documents. The undercover agent agreed on a price of $45 for 15 Xanax pills. The agent gave Jordan $60 in cash and Jordan returned $15 in change.

Also, in June 2015, a citizen provided a tip about criminal activity involving Officer Jordan. Jordan allegedly provided the citizen three hydrocodone pills and asked her to touch him in a sexual manner after Jordan exposed himself. The citizen objected but Jordan grabbed her hand and placed it on his exposed genitals.

According to court documents, Jordan allegedly told the informant that he was a "better criminal than he is a cop" and that he was "corrupt."

Read the probable cause here. (Note: This document contains graphic details that may be offensive to some readers.)

Surveillance also reveals Officer Jordan reportedly telling the confidential informant that he would "..take a pill in a heartbeat" and that he "can not be very high every time he was working…"

The alleged incidents happened on June 26, and on Dec. 10, 2015. The FBI used hidden cameras and microphones during the transactions.

"I sent a department email and I said, 'pray for everybody,'" said Chief Crenshaw. "Let due process take place. We're all human. Police are humans. We're not just Kevlar-wearing individuals or robots. We're people. We believe. We cry. And sometimes we do things. What I told the department was, pray for one another, do our jobs, be safe."

 "There are good ones and bad ones. It just happens. Hopefully the bad ones get caught," said DuWayne Walls, Anderson resident.

Officer Jordan also works as a security officer for Anderson Community Schools at the C.O.M.P.A.S.S. facility. The school district has placed him on unpaid suspension and says he'll receive a trespass letter pending the outcome of his trial. The letter will indicate that Jordan cannot be on or around any school facilities.

Jordan being held in the Marion County Jail. He will appear in Marion County court at 2 p.m. Friday.

Jordan received police department meritorious service in 2006 for saving a man's life who tried to commit suicide. He is currently on administration leave without pay

The Board of Public Safety will meet next Thursday to vote to suspend Jordan without pay pending outcome of the case. 

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