Anderson boy campaigns to make red fox official state mammal


ANDERSON, Ind. (WTHR) - Tristan Fox turned 10 years old in November, and may be the youngest lobbyist to Indiana's next General Assembly. His cause? Make the red fox the official state mammal of Indiana.

Tristan's campaign has already reached out to lawmakers and Governor Mike Pence.

His Facebook page is chronicling his progress as he navigates Indiana's legislative process.

Tristan's efforts began when he learned Indiana doesn’t have a state animal.

He told WTHR's newspaper partners at the Anderson Herald Bulletin how he chose the red fox. “I didn’t actually think about the red fox at first,” he said. “I was thinking something like a bobcat, possum or river otter. I also had the idea that I wanted something unique.”

Fox brought his proposed bill to District 26 State Senator Doug Eckerty.

Fox has brought his proposed bill to District 26 State Senator Doug Eckerty. (Courtesy: Facebook)