An inside look at the Indy 500 balloon tent

Scott and Anne Marie get an inside look at the IMS balloon tent. (WTHR photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – Scott Swan and Anne Marie Teirnon were able to get an inside look at the Indy 500 balloon tent before lift off.

Tony Hulman’s mother suggested releasing multi-colored balloons during the 1947 race. By 1950, it was an IMS tradition to coincide with final notes of "(Back Home Again in) Indiana."

The balloons are loaded in a tent in the infield. Crews are signaled by radio when to open up the roof of the tent to release the balloons during the right part of the song.

IU grad Jim Cornelison will sing the traditional melody again this year. This will be the first "(Back Home Again in) Indiana" since Jim Nabors passed away in November. Nabors was the long time singer of Back Home Again for years.