An Inside Look at Josef Newgarden

Photo: Twitter / Team Chevy - @TeamChevy

He’s one of the rising stars in racing. 26-year old Josef Newgarden is on the brink of becoming the next big thing. He’s the newest member of Team Penske – and he took sports director Dave Calabro on a visit to the “Penske racing palace.”

The Penske race shop in Mooresville, North Carolina is 420,000 square feet of pure racing. It’s massive and immaculate – not a drop of oil or speck of dirt to be found. On the Penske team, Newgarden is one of a select group of racers who have the best of everything racing to help them chase victory lane. When Calabro asked what it would mean to Newgarden to join the ranks of the greats like Emerson Fittipaldi and Al Unser, Newgarden told him, “It would mean a lot because of the history of this team. Think of the history of the Indianapolis 500 and that’s so important, well the history of this race team is what makes it what it is, so it would be very special.”

Newgarden earned his way to the top IndyCar team. He started racing go-karts in Indiana. He was inspired by 2-time Indianapolis 500 champ Dan Wheldon. “You had Dan Wheldon come out and race with us. He was one of the Indy car guys who would race come race with the young kids. And you idolize this guy. You say, well, what does this guy do? He had a zest for life.,” remembers Newgarden. Newgarden has that same zest as his mentor. And he knows he needs to savor every moment at the Indianapolis 500. Driving for Roger Penske is special and the push is on to join that elite victory lane club.

Josef shows Dave more of the Penske racing headquarters Monday at 11. And Dave brings up the question many ladies want to know about the intensely private driver – does Josef have a girlfriend?

He answers that question Monday on the Nightbeat.