Amanda Barnett, Indiana's youngest death investigator

High school senior Amanda Barnett is the Jay County deputy Coroner.

Linsey Davis/Eyewitness News

Portland - She's a certified death investigator and she's still in high school. An Indiana daughter is already fulfilling her dream of having the same occupation as her dad.

Many little kids grow up wishing they can be just like their mom or dad. One Jay County teen is already fulfilling her dream of having the same occupation as her dad.

She has her father's eyes and his personality. She even shares her father's profession.

"I am a Jay County's Deputy Coroner," said 18-year-old Amanda Barnett.

Amanda still lives at home in Portland, Indiana.

"Well there's not a lot to do here," Amanda said. "You can go bowling, to the movies, hang out with friends."

While the rest of the kids Amanda's age are at the movies watching death and suspense unfold on the big screen, she is living it - a real life CSI.

"Ever since I was going out on calls, I was usually babysitting, so she would sit in the car while I'd go out on a call and then she might ask questions," said Amanda's father and Jay County Coroner, Mark Barnett.

"When I was younger I'd be like, 'daddy what are they putting that guy in the bag for?' And as I got older I was like 'what happened, how did you know that and what were the circumstances?'" Amanda said. 

Now, at 18-years-old, Amanda Barnett recently became certified as the state's youngest death investigator.

"You know some dads will help kids with sports. I've never been able to do anything like that and here she is interested in this. Just look at her potential at this age," Mark said. 

"We're such a small county that we usually only have three or four a month and sometimes when he gets a call, I'm at school so I don't really get to go as much as I'd like to go," Amanda said.

Amanda says she may run for coroner one day, but not against her dad. And first, she'll have to graduate from high school.

She plans to attend IUPUI in the fall and ultimately pursue a career as a forensic nurse.

By the way, the certification test normally takes four hours to complete, Amanda finished it in one and a half hours and scored a 97 percent.