All sorts of things found during cleanup of the canal

Courtesy: Merrell Bros
Canal cleanup
Canal Cleanup Vids Merrell Bros w courtesy

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — It has been about a decade since the last time the city drained and cleaned the canal.

It is a massive undertaking and already well underway.

Merrell Bros is using a dam on the north side of the Ohio Street bridge to split the project up.

They're then using trucks and other equipment to clear debris and clean the canal.

Of course while doing that, they've found some interesting things:

  • 8 Bird or Lime scooters
  • Bowling ball
  • Drone
  • Wallet (with an ID in it)

The last time they cleaned the canal in 2007 they found a moped, bowling ball (this must be a thing to do at the canal) and scuba shoes.

The project to clean the canal will cost nearly $550,000.

Depending on the weather, it should all be done by mid-February.