Air Jordan launch leads to stampede at Indianapolis mall


Extra police were called to Lafayette Square and Washington Square Malls Friday morning to deal with crowds that turned out for the launch of Nike sneakers.

It was shoulder to shoulder shortly after midnight as people lined up at Lafayette Square. There were so many people that extra police were called in to area malls, all for the release of the Air Jordan 11 and the Air Jordan Retro Concord.

A large crowd also turned up at Castleton Square Mall, and extra officers were brought in to handle the situation.

It was a recipe for chaos as thousands of people turned out to get their hands on just a few hundred pairs of shoes.

Crowds of people hoping to get their hands on a shoe? You may be wondering what all the fuss is about. They are re-released new Jordans that are only available about every ten years.

For fans of Jordan shoes, it's a rare opportunity just in time for Christmas. In the early hours of the morning, people were hoping and scrambling to get a pair of their own.

But that's when things got crazy, with people getting trampled on the way into the store at Lafayette Square Mall.

"We got the 11s, the Concords," said one breathless shopper.

"When we went in we were getting pushed and tripping over everything," said another person caught up in the rush.

A child fell as people pushed through the doors at Lafayette Square Mall, and no one appeared to be helping her. However, Indianapolis Metro Police said no serious injuries were reported.

"I actually jumped over the girl that fell. There was a few people on the ground but I jumped over 'em and kept runing," said a shopper.

"I was able to be the first one in, but I kinda hit my hand on the door. I was bleeding but it's all good. It was worth it though," said Jazmine Edwards.

"I got my shoes so I'm excited," said Jordan Easton.

"The shoes are for me, you gotta stay fly," said Tesey Moore.

No one was seriously hurt in the rush.

We've found another reason these shoes are so hot. Even though the Concords retail for $130, you can buy a pair on eBay.They're already up to $605. Local stores say they are sold out.

The scene was even worse in Seattle, Washington. Police there used pepper spray to break out a fight outside a mall. Hundreds of customers had been waiting in lines for hours to pay $180 for the classic style shoes.

Elsewhere, at least four people were arrested at a suburban Atlanta mall after a crowd of customers broke down a door before the store opened.