Air Canada pilot diverts flight to save dog


A kind-hearted pilot made a life-saving decision for a dog during a flight halfway across the globe.

German Kontorovich was flying to Toronto from Tel Aviv when a malfunction in the heating system of the luggage area on his Air Canada flight caused temperatures to drop. That could have proven deadly for his French bulldog, Simba, until the pilot made a bold decision.

He diverted to Frankfurt, Germany and got Simba on another flight.

"Basically, everything went smooth," Kontorovich said.

German continued on to Toronto, where he is planning to study.

A flight expert told City News in Toronto the detour likely cost Air Canada thousands of dollars, but the pilot made the right call.

"The captain is responsible for all lives on board, whether it be human life or even canine life, animal life," said Phyl Durdy.

"I also saw the captain played with him and some employees in (the) Frankfurt airport," Kontorovich said. "It's my dog. It's like child, it's everything."