After first adoption heartbreak, Indianapolis couple adopt newborn


We have an exciting update on a couple we first told you about in May. They desperately wanted to adopt a baby.

Will and Adrienne Pfaffenberger shared their story of heartbreak and determination with Anne Marie Tiernon. Will is the producer for the Smiley Morning Radio Show.

After being matched with a newborn last Christmas, the birth mother changed her mind.  Will and Adrienne had to return home without a child.

Today, more than two years after they began their adoption journey, Will and Adrienne revealed that they have adopted a little boy.

Lincoln Xavier was born in Indianapolis on July 2nd.

Will and Adrienne say it's important to them to keep in touch with Lincoln's birth family so he knows them, too. That's why they're doing an open adoption.

Will writes, "To those of you who followed our story, who shared our story, and who prayed and sent good vibes, we Thank You!  It really was networking and lots and lots of sharing that helped Lincoln and his birthmother to find us. So what's next? We have to wait for a court date for finalization. Finalization is a formal legal process where we will stand before a judge and he or she will officially sign the paperwork and we will legally become his parents, and that is still several months away.  We have to finish our homestudy update, because it has to be current at the time of finalization. Home studies have to be updated annually.  After that, it should be lots and lots of love, hugs, learning, growing, and more sharing. We are so happy that we can now share with you our amazing news!" 

Read their adoption blog and see more pictures. 

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