Adam Vinatieri sets world record for rapid-fire field goals


HOUSTON (WTHR) - Even in the offseason, Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri is setting records.

Vinatieri, who set an NFL record for consecutive field goals made this past season, kicked 28 field goals in one minute Friday to set a Guinness World Record. The kicks came from 17 yards out to make the record attempt official.

"It was awesome. It was definitely difficult toward the end," Vinatieri said. "I was fortunate that I was hitting them and I was hitting 'em well through the posts. I figured I was somewhere over 20, I didn't know exactly where we were at, but the last handful started to get difficult. I was tired."

Vinatieri had help from an old friend - and now-former teammate - Pat McAfee. The newly retired Colts punter held the ball for Vinatieri's record attempt.

The effort wasn't just to get Vinatieri's name in the record books, he also won $15,000 for The Pat Tillman Foundation through the NFL's annual Extra Points Charity .

"I'm a huge fan of that organization, what they stand for, who Pat Tillman was, was a super awesome guy, and what he stood for," Vinatieri said.

The record took place at the NFL Experience in Houston, the site of Sunday's Super Bowl LI.