Activists call for hike in Indiana's minimum wage


A group of Hoosiers wants to more than double the state's minimum wage.

Indiana's minimum wage currently sits at $7.25 an hour (the same as the federal rate), but a group of activists wants to raise that to $15 an hour (the same President Barack Obama lobbied for at the federal level).

Monday's press conference about the movement did not attract a lot of attention. In fact, the small group huddled in the Statehouse's 3rd floor south atrium. One by one, Hoosiers from all across the state - many of them clad in "Fight for 15" t-shirts - stood up to speak their piece in The People's House.

"Sometimes, I am embarrassed I have to go to a food pantry on the second week before I get paid," said Rose Tender-O'Brien of South Bend. "I work full-time. I shouldn't have to go to a food pantry. I didn't blow my money. I should be making enough to at least pay for food, clothing and a place to live, and I have to worry about that from month to month."

The group Moral Monday organized Monday's rally.

No bills have been filed to raise the minimum wage all the way to $15. Sen. Karen Tallian, D-Portage, does have a bill pending to raise the wage to $11.25 cents an hour, but it has yet to get a hearing.