"A lot of time has passed:" Five siblings meet for the first time in Plainfield

Siblings reunited
Siblings meet for first time

PLAINFIELD (WTHR) - Imagine knowing you had a brother or a sister that you never got the chance to meet. That was exactly the story of a family in Plainfield Thursday, meeting each other for the very first time.

The five Wilson siblings are all now in their 50s and 60s.

The two oldest, sister Miki Gross, 63, and brother Mike Wilson, 61, came from their father's first marriage. Their dad, life-long military man Edward C. Wilson, left Miki and Mike with their mother when they were children.

He then went on to start another family. John Wilson, 57, Grahame Wilson, 52 and Dave Wilson, 50 were born. They had another sister, Dawn, who would be 56 years old but has since died.

The Wilsons now live around the country in Washington, Arkansas, Oregon and Indiana. They decided to meet after Mike Wilson made a connection using the website myheritage.com.

"Mike had been researching online for quite a long time to try to find our father, and about this time last year, he says, I found them," Gross said. "At that moment it was like wow, I knew I had siblings I just didn't know where they were, who they were, how old they were, and so this was kind of exciting to find an actual face to go with the story."

The siblings enjoyed lunch together Thursday at the Coachman restaurant in Plainfield. During the reunion, their similarities shined.

"They all have a sense of humor, they all love to laugh," said Miki Gross.

"They both look just like my dad," Grahame Wilson said. "This is a whole side of the family that they never got to know, so we're going to be the connection for them to find out who their dad was."

"I'm grateful for the experience, I kind have would like to have known him, but this is good, the way it turned out," Gross said.

The Wilsons say they plan on staying in touch. While they are all in Indiana, they plan to visit their father's grave together in Shelburn.

"A lot of time has passed and I kind of want to catch up on it," Gross said.

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