9th District recount to begin at end of month


Roger Harvey/Eyewitness News

Nov. 17 - Congressman-elect Mike Sodrel posed for pictures with the new class of lawmakers this week in Washington DC. Sodrel won by nearly 1,500 votes.

But there's concern whether Sodrel really won.

His opponent, incumbent Congressman Baron Hill, and fellow Democrats want a recount.

Dan Parker is the new state Democratic Party chairman. "A citizen's right to vote is the most precious right we have and I think the people have a right to know their votes were counted in an appropriate manner."

Parker says Democrats are concerned about the accuracy of voting machines in at least three counties; Ripley, Scott and Switzerland.

Republicans question whether voter fraud took place in Monroe County.

The recount is massive, 613 precincts in 20 counties, more than 400 driving miles and involves 280,000 votes.

"Indiana is not Florida and I say that with a great deal of pride." Secretary of State Todd Rokita says his office will ensure the recount is accurate.

Ten two-person teams from the state Board of Accounts will examine the ballots.

Rokita, a Republican, questions whether the outcome of the election will change. "To move 1,500 votes in Indiana would be a significant event."

Representatives from both the Sodrel and Hill campaigns will monitor the recount in each precinct.

The recount will be costly. As of Wednesday the Indiana State Police spent $15,000 in securing the ballots in the 613 precincts.

The price tag will likely climb well over 100,000. Secretary of State Rokita says taxpayers will pick up most of the bill.

The recount will start November 29 and could last until the end of the year.