At 98, World War II veteran is still working, 'going for 100'

Bennie Ficeto was at work today, celebrating his 98th birthday. (Photo: NBC News)

EDISON, NJ (WTHR) - A World War II veteran isn't slowing down.

In fact, the former Army gunner works part-time at a supermarket in New Jersey, bagging groceries and cracking jokes.

He credits his time in the army for his work ethic and a sense of gratitude after getting shot down during the war.

To show their support, his co-workers threw him a surprise birthday

"I think it's pretty nice thing," said Bartholomeo "Bennie" Ficeto. "I never expected anything like this. I'm going for 100. If I make 100, I'll be satisfied."​

The party was complete with balloons, treats and lots of hugs.

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