95-year-old Texan can't renew his driver's license unless he can prove he was born


ENNIS, Tex. (WTHR) — Albert Bigler has had his license for more than 65 years, but now the Department of Public Safety said he can't renew it unless he can produce his birth certificate.

The 95-year-old from Texas was born in 1924, and he told WFAA he's never had it.

"I think I'm a pretty good driver," he told WFAA.

This summer his current driver's license was about to expire, so he went to the DPS office to get it renewed. But without a birth certificate, they won't allow it.

Bigler was born in a house, not a hospital, somewhere west of Forth Worth, Texas. He and his friends have called about his records, but none of the nearby counties have them.

What he does have, however, are his original baptismal and confirmation records along with proof that he served in the Army in World War II.

To this point, no records have been found on him.

"I've been driving for 65 years. Maybe longer than that," he said. "I even had a commercial license when I was working for the railroad for 40 years."

In addition to not being able to legally drive now, he's also worried about losing his ability to vote and renew his fishing license because he no longer has a valid form of identification.

In the meantime, he continues to drive his Ford pickup truck around town, but he told WFAA he'd like to do it legally.