9-year-old boy with incurable disorder gets Christmas surprise

Joey Johnson got everything he asked for on his Christmas Gift Wish List including $25,000 donation to World Vision. (WTHR, Rich Nye)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — A 9-year-old boy got a big surprise Monday when his Christmas Wish was fulfilled.

Joey Johnson had asked for gifts to give to people in poverty and kids who are disabled around the globe.

Johnson, who battling Mitochondrial disease, an incurable genetic disorder, had purchased three bicycles last month to give to girls he's never met on the other side of the world.

He said his dream is "that every kid who needs that one little thing will be able to get that — to help them in their life,” Joey says. “I want other kids to be able to achieve their goals and dreams because we are all in this together.”

Joey Johnson had requested soccer balls, alpacas, wheelchairs, relief beds and bicycles. (WTHR, Rich Nye)

He has since created a Christmas Gift Wish List to help other children. The list included wheelchairs, bicycles, relief beds, soccer balls and even alpacas.

To his surprise, he got everything he asked for.

On Monday, the surprise was unveiled thanks to anonymous donors. One hundred wheelchairs, 40 bicycles, 14 alpacas, 158 relief beds and 626 soccer balls were collected.