9 dead, 18 hospitalized after Waco biker gang fight

Waco biker shootout (May 2015 photo courtesy KCEN)
Nine people are dead and multiple others are injured after a Waco shooting Sunday.

Shortly after noon, Waco police were at a Twin Peaks restaurant monitoring at least two motorcycle clubs gathering there. The conflict began with an argument inside the restaurant, which then escalated and moved into the parking lot. Multiple weapons were involved in the conflict, including chains, knives, bats, clubs and firearms.

All nine fatalities were bikers. Eight died at the scene; the final victim died at the hospital.

Eighteen total people were transferred to local hospitals with gunshot and stab wounds. Two of those were transported to other hospitals due to the severity of their injuries.

All nine fatalities were bikers. No police officers or innocent bystanders were injured, but one officer was taken to the hospital to be treated for heat exhaustion.

Three people have been arrested post-shooting.

A Waco PD sergeant said, "In 34 years of law enforcement, this is the worst crime scene-- the most violent crime scene that I have ever been involved in."

Police have declined to release the names of the gangs involved, but at least five were present. Some of the gangs were fighting as allies. Police estimate that between 150-200 gang members were involved.

The investigation has been made more complicated by Twin Peaks management's decision not to cooperate with authorities, according to KCEN, our affiliate in Waco.

Multiple agencies, including the Texas Department of Safety and the FBI are on scene to help with the investigation.

This is a developing situation. Click here for the latest from KCEN.