7-year-old Sebastian is battling cancer and now he has support from police

Courtesy: Indianapolis Metro Police Department

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — You have to be brave to be a police officer. It is a trait most people don't have, but is easily recognizable when they do.

So it was no surprise what happened at a Coffee with a Cop event when 7-year-old Sebastian walked into the McDonalds.

There he met Impd Southwest District Officers and was noticed by Captain Tom Koppel.

As IMPD posted on Facebook, Sebastian's normal day involves "kicking cancer's butt," but on that day he became an officer.

"IMPD Captains are granted a special ability to swear in young men and women as officers to help us fight crime in our community. Only in the rarest of occasions does this happen and only to the absolutely most brave and deserving candidates," IMPD posted.

So Captain Koppel swore in Officer Sebastian on the spot.