600 Prairie Trace Elementary School students, staff create 'human art' piece

Staff and students gather outside Prairie Trace Elementary to create 'human art' piece. (Photo: Carmel Clay Schools)

CARMEL, Ind. (WTHR) - Hundreds of kids in Carmel got to become art Tuesday.

All of the students and staff at Prairie Trace Elementary School came together to create a human art piece.

They started by working up a drawing of the hawk, the school's mascot. "Be kind" is the message inside the words.

It's a simple message they hope to share during the school's upcoming kindness week.

"When I was up there looking down on these 600-plus kids and staff and everyone being silent for a moment, it was very emotional, seeing this message of being kind and just knowing we are so lucky to be able to embrace that in our kids and let them take that through their whole lives," said Principal Jill Schipp.

Artist Daniel Dancer created the work. He assigned each student a specific color to wear, then strategically placed each one to bring it all together.

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