6-year-old murder victim laid to rest in Kentucky


It was an emotional day for the family of a six-year-old boy murdered in his bed in his Kentucky home.

Logan Tipton's father asked to have his son's funeral held at the stadium where his son found joy playing little league football. The community gathered to pay their respects. 

Police say an Indianapolis nurse, Ronald Exantus, broke into the Tiptons' home and stabbed him as the family slept.

Logan's teammates were among several hundred who bid farewell Friday in Versailles, Kentucky. They wore their uniforms and banded together like a team full of brothers. On the scoreboard, a touching tribute to Logan, his number 63 was lit up in tribute.

The crowd listened to one of Logan's favorite songs, "Silent Night," and his coach and close family friend made one promise to the kindergartner whose life was so viciously taken away this past Monday.

"We've always said give your team everything you have and when the game ends, if you're unable to walk off the field, we will come get you and carry you off the field," said Peter Barnhardt.

Exantus, 32, is facing the death penalty in the case. He admitted to the crime when he was arrested.

But authorities say they still can't figure out why he drove 200 miles to central Kentucky, seemingly picked a house at random and murdered a child inside.