6 year old makes Forbes' list of highest-paid YouTubers

Photo: Ryan's YouTube Channel

(WTHR) — A six-year-old boy made Forbes list of 2017's highest-paid Youtubers.

Ryan and his YouTube channel Ryan's ToysReview generated around $11 million in 2017. That put him at No. 8 on Forbes' list.

The 6 year old (and his parents) post to YouTube almost every day. Ryan gained YouTube fame in 2015 when one of his videos went viral.

The video, which launched Ryan into fame made him a multi-millionaire before starting grade school, WISTV reports. It has amassed over 800 million views.

To put that into perspective, his YouTube channel is more popular than The Tonight Show and Justin Bieber. He's reportedly the youngest YouTube star in the world.

Other highest-paid YouTubers include video gamers, pranksters, comedians and others.

These earners pulled in $127 million from June 2016 through June 2017.