5th graders spot bully and take action


MACON, Ga. (WTHR) — A group of fifth-grade boys took matters into their own hands when they saw someone being bullied.

"Why pick on someone," Jack Pemble begins to ask, as Jake Burgess finishes his question, "who has special needs?"

Jack and Jake along with three other friends saw that another fifth grader James Willmert was being bullied for his disability. James was adopted from an orphanage in Colombia and his father died when he was younger.

"They were like, using him and taking advantage of him," Jake told WMAZ. "Because he's easier to pick on and it's just not right," Jack added.

The five boys decided that this year they would have James' back and invited him to sit at their table.

"He used to not want to go out for recess or anything, it would be like a struggle," Margi Willmert, James' mom told WMAZ. "And now he can barely eat his lunch to get outside to play with those guys."

The boys told WMAZ they never wanted the recognition, they simply thought James was an awesome guy who deserved a friend.