556 drummers assemble in Russia for world record attempt

(Photo: NBC News)

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (WTHR) - Residents around St. Petersburg, in Russia may have needed ear plugs Sunday.

An effort to set a world record for "largest crecendo ever" brought together more than 500 drummers in Russia's second-largest city.

It was part of the city's 316th birthday celebration.

There were 556 performers from 80 bands and drum groups.

Thousands of spectators were on hand, as well as officials from Guinness World Records. They monitored the effort to certify the record, which happened on the first attempt.

"So the crescendo is basically starting one drummer and then one following the other until last one plays, and they have to use their own drums. I had a musician with me to confirm that it was a crescendo and they had a total of 104 to beat, they made it with 556. Fantastic! Great atmosphere!" said Pravin Patel of the Guinness organization.

The previous record was set in March in Brazil but only involved 104 drummers.

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