500 kart drivers compete this weekend at Battle at the Brickyard


SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WTHR) - In the middle of July, you might think there’s not much going on at IMS. This weekend, at least, that would be a wrong assumption.

Kids from all across the country are racing karts at high speeds. It’s the Battle of the Brickyard, where you have to be fast and tough.

While we watched, we saw a kart go rolling over a wall. The driver, Avon Middle School student Aleahla Ohab, was just fine.

“I did a lot of sports when I was younger,” she told us. “Of course, those didn’t really work out. Dance, I didn’t really like dance so I moved on from that. Gymnastics wasn’t fun. Cheer wasn’t fun. I definitely belong in racing.”

She’s among 500 drivers racing this weekend at IMS. They start as young as 5.

Bam Bam Posey is only 8. As for his racing skills, he says he’s receiving good reviews.

“Everybody says I’m pretty good,” he said. “I’m racing for a championship this year.”

His mom says she loves the sport.

“I’m always nervous when he goes out there, but he’s gotten hurt worse playing other sports than racing.”

Parents and kids race several weekends out of the year.