5 wounded in near-downtown shooting incident with police officers


By daylight, the sound of gunfire had given way to the sound of saws cutting out bullet ridden walls for evidence.

"To me, it sounded like 12 or 13 gunshots," Anthony Garcia said Sunday morning standing outside the Tyler Apartment Complex at 1201 Indiana Avenue near the IUPUI campus. He was visiting a friend in the apartment next to where a party was taking place.

"We went out on the balcony, and that is when we heard all the gunshots. At first, we didn't think it was real," Chase Claussen added. "I thought it was fake and then I started seeing single people come out and then they started flooding out. I saw one person sitting on the stairs and he just collapsed."

IMPD Officers were called in to investigate a disturbance.

"As they were coming up the stairs, they were met by several armed individuals," according to Ofc. Christopher Wilburn. "It appears they may have been involved or may not have but they exchanged gunfire with officers in the hallway."

A total of five people were shot. IMPD says the building did have security inside and outside the building, but, "It appears they were outnumbered and out gunned as well."

IMPD believes it's a case where the party swelled to a number that was not manageable. Witnesses told them as many as 150 people had gathered at the apartment building for an unsanctioned party inside an apartment. The party then got out of hand and included an altercation that spilled out into a hallway.

"If you were in there, I guess they are making you stay indoors but they are not letting us in there right now. Walking by door six, it looked like there was a lot of blood on the ground," apartment resident Andrew Jerdonek said minutes after the incident occurred.

The morning after, Jennifer McIntyre didn't know what all had transpired the night before but having lived in the Tyler Apartment Complex for the last three years, she's not surprised.

"Pretty much a party atmosphere. There are a lot of kids running around the hallways drinking, smells like weed and other stuff," McIntyre shared.

Sunday morning, it smelled like gunfire. Crime scene investigators were still on the scene trying to determine what happened and how many shots were fired, while IMPD investigators tried to determine why they were greeted with gunfire.

Two victims were transported to Methodist Hospital in stable condition. Three other males arrived at Eskenazi Hospital with gunshot wounds. Police confirmed these men were allegedly involved in the officer-involved shooting.

No police officers were injured in the shootout. All officers involved were placed on administrative leave, as is standard procedure in any officer-involved shooting investigation.