5 reasons to build a new home in 2018

Katie Nielsen

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If you've done much house hunting, you know that finding a dream home prebuilt to your specifications is a long shot. Everyone has his or her own idea about the ideal house and it's unlikely someone else sharing your same preferences has already built a house exactly the way you'd like it in the exact place you'd like to live.

Building your home gives you the freedom to design a house that fits your family's particular needs. Here are five reasons why you should build a new home this year.

Create your floor plan

Some developers will have a selection of floor plans you can choose from, while others allow total freedom in what you design. Beginning with a basic shape can help give you a starting place for designing your home.

Once you've got the general floor plan laid out, you'll be able to customize it to fit your family's particular preferences, choose the right paint colors and floor coverings, lay out the kitchen with just the right number of cabinets, add a bathroom for guests, enlarge the master bedroom closet, and make sure there are enough bedrooms for everyone.

Choose your neighborhood

Have you ever found a house that would be perfect if only it were in a different location? While new subdivisions tend to be in the suburbs and not in downtown areas, you do have more freedom to choose where to live. Instead of being dependent on where homes are for sale, you can choose from any of the neighborhoods under development or find an empty lot on which to build your dream home.

Benefit from energy-efficiency

Building a new home also allows you the option of choosing energy-efficient systems that are good for the environment and will lower the cost of your utility bills.

"If you're building a new house . . . consider using advanced house framing, which reduces lumber use and waste and improves energy efficiency in a wood-framed house," suggests Energy.gov. You could also choose to install a cool roof made of reflective materials which absorb less heat, keeping your home cool during the summer. New homes also meet the newest guidelines of insulation and air sealing, meaning your home will require less heating and cooling to keep the inside temperature comfortable.

When you purchase appliances, you can choose those with the highest energy-efficiency ratings, which is another way you can protect the environment and your pocketbook.

Worry less about major repairs and health concerns

New homes are far less likely to have major problems than previously owned homes. "For the first few years, you’re less likely to deal with big-ticket maintenance issues like leaky roofs or failing heating and cooling systems in a newly built home," says financial guru Dave Ramsey in his blog. "Plus, many homebuilders offer a limited warranty if something should break."

You can also rest assured that your home will be devoid of the lead and asbestos concerns many homes built prior to 1980 might have. These toxic chemicals require clean-up by professional contractors should you choose to add-on to or renovate your home. They can also pose health risks should their particles enter your home's air.

Experience personal satisfaction in the building process

Designing your home from the floor plan to the paint colors may take time, but there's nothing like the feeling of seeing something you helped create rising before your very eyes. Plus, there's something special about being the first person to own a home, the first to step foot on the carpet and the security of knowing exactly how the home has been treated, who has been there and what kinds of maintenance have been performed.

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Katie Nielsen received her bachelor's in English with an emphasis in technical writing from BYU-I. She loves being a mother, cooking, writing, and traveling.