5 easy ways to boost your home's curb appeal

Brittney Thompson

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Whether you're getting your property ready to sell or just want a few upgrades, there are many ways to add value and curb appeal to your home. Here are five ways to polish your property and put money back into your pocket.

1. Update the roof

Your roof is one of the most visually prominent aspects of your house, and that means upgrades here can make a dramatic difference in curb appeal. Walk around your property and do a visual inspection of the roof and gutters. Take note of any loose, damaged, or missing shingles as well as debris on the roof or in the gutters.

If your roof is still in decent condition, don't worry about shelling out the big bucks for a full replacement. Simply cleaning and repairing damaged spots should be enough to improve your home's appearance.

2. Repair your windows

Like the roof, windows can make or break the appearance of your home. But replacing all your windows can be costly. Plus, if you live in an older or historic home, replacement could detract from the original character of the house.

Instead, consider repairing and restoring old or damaged windows with a contractor like Window Makeover. Window restoration specialists will create custom replacement parts to exactly match your windows while preserving the integrity of the original design and aesthetic.

Opting to restore and not replace windows can save you up to 70 percent. Not only will repairing your windows improve your home's appearance, but it can also result in energy savings and added value to the property. A win-win.

3. Paint your door

A small but significant value-adding project is painting the front door, according to an article by Camila Pavone for The Home Depot Blog. A coat of paint can go a long way to make your home look newer and fresher, at a minimal cost to you. For a bold look, consider a bright contrasting color like red to make your front door really pop. If you prefer a more subtle upgrade, deeper, neutral tones like blues or greens can give your home a clean and polished look.

4. Upgrade the mailbox

Not all home improvement projects have to be big or costly. Your mailbox is one of the first things people notice when passing your home. A great way to stand out is to update the mailbox, suggests onecrazyhouse.com. This can mean adding a coat of paint, doing a full replacement, or even simply planting flowers around the post and adding new numbers to the box.

5. Highlight your assets

It's easy to see where you can fix your home during the day, but don't forget to evaluate your property at night. The right lighting can not only make your home safer and easier to navigate at night, but it can also highlight your home's best qualities, reports home improvement site thespruce.com.

To get started, make sure your porch and walkway are well-lit. Add solar garden lights along the path and a new fixture on your porch or doorstep to instantly create ambiance and ensure guests can find their way comfortably after dark.

If you have a large garden or other landscaping features on the property, consider investing in some uplighting to highlight those areas. With some strategic placement, your house and garden will be transformed from drab to fab.

There are many ways to polish your home and add value and curb appeal. Whether you want to start small or go big, keep these tips in mind for your next home improvement project.

Brittney Thompson is a writer, editor, and New England native. She graduated from BYU in 2012 with a degree in European Studies and French. Connect with her on Twitter @brittneyt603.