41-pound cat looking for new home


NEW YORK CITY (WTHR) — A 41-pound cat is hoping to find a good home.

The stocky New York city feline named Barsik has become quite popular on Instagram.

He has more than 8,000 followers in a week's time, and perhaps one of them is his future owner.

According to his Instagram, Barsik has gone from shelter to celeb status in a short amount of time. He was dropped off at an animal care shelter in New York City along with Sukie, his 13-pound companion.

“When Barsik was in the shelter, they couldn’t put him in one of the kennels because he was too big. He’s so large that he can’t do a whole lot about people touching him in ways he does not want,” Iuzzolino, who is fostering Barsik and Sukie, said.

Iuzzolino is hoping to find both of them a good home.

But before that can happen, Barsik will be put on a veterinarian-approved diet before he's put up for adoption.

Iuzzolino said there's one thing Barsik's future owner should know: the cat may be hangry for a while until he gets down to a normal weight.