4-year-old cancer survivor loves Bumblebee, gets yellow car surprise for his birthday

(Photo: Alexandria Sheriff's Office)

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WTHR) – A 4-year-old cancer survivor is buzzing with excitement after an epic birthday surprise.

Whitaker Weinburger's parents wanted to make his fourth birthday special because he's been sick for every birthday of his young life.

He loves the Bumblebee character from “Transformers,” so they put out a plea on social media for yellow vehicles to come to northern Virginia on Sept. 11 to surprise him on his one-mile walk to school.

“We hope to see our street teeming with yellow cars on Whitaker’s birthday, and can’t wait to see his joy and surprise,” said a Facebook event page. “For us, the magic of the thousands of you who care has been an everlasting gift.”

When Wednesday came, the turnout didn’t disappoint.

Yellow vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from cars to firetrucks, showed up.

Alexandria Sheriff's Office shared photos of the special surprise on Facebook.

"Wow, Alexandria! You really know how to show your love and support for a little boy on his birthday!" the sheriff's office wrote on Facebook. "Our thanks to everyone who turned out for Whitaker's Surprise Bumblebee Walk this morning -- individual drivers from near and far who drove their stunning yellow rides, professional drivers who brought their brightest fleet vehicles, and all the neighbors and Charles Barrett families!"

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