4 students fighting cancer honored at Friday football game

4 students fighting cancer honored at Friday football game
Zane Davidson, 11

Football takes strength and endurance, but on a football field Friday night at Indian Creek High School, the strength wasn't just found in the guys wearing helmets and shoulders pads. It was in the four young men standing with the football team before the game, their families alongside them.

Under the bright lights of a Friday night high school football homecoming game, four kids who've faced down some pretty dark days came together.

All of them were different ages, from 5 to 15, but they had one thing in common: They've fought for their lives against different kinds of cancer and are now in remission.

"It's terrible, but you have to get through it," said 11-year-old Zane Davidson, who's battled leukemia for the past 15 months.

The Indian Creek Community honored Zane's fight, along with the fights waged over the past two years by 15-year-old AJ Underwood, 14-year-old Chase Smith, and 5-year-old Grant Harding.

"It's definitely very life changing and teaches you not to take everything for granted," said Smith, who's battled Ewing's Sarcoma, a cancer in the bone.

"Cancer of your son, changes you forever," added Smith's father, Brad.

"The kid with cancer is the one you see on the commercial for Saint Jude or on the poster at the hospital," said David Harding, 5-year-old Grant's father. Grant has fought leukemia and still has more treatments to go, but is in remission. "Those are the kids with cancer. Not your own kid.  You never think it's going to hit this close."

It has in the Indian Creek community, though, and people there have rallied behind these kids and their parents.

"It just gives you this strength that's hard to describe, but it gives you a little bit more perseverance and helps you push through it," said Smith.

So that's what these kids are doing, all four of them, pushing through with a whole community behind them cheering them forward.