4 people reportedly bitten by zebra in Tennessee after trying to take selfies

Four people have reportedly been bitten by a zebra on private property in Tennessee. (Photo: WBIR)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WBIR/NBC News) — A Tennessee sheriff's office is investigating after four people have been bitten recently while they were taking selfies with a zebra on private property.

It's cool to learn about nature and animals, but those animals aren't always willing to participate.

Take zebras for example, they're known to be a bit aggressive.

Just ask Michaela Napier who was visiting a farm with a friend, her boyfriend and his young daughter.

When Napier pet the zebra she says it nipped at her, so she stopped.

Then she held her boyfriend's daughter to pose for a picture and that's when the zebra grabbed her.

Napier says her friend punched the zebra in the nose and got it to release her.

After spending seven hours at a hospital, Napier didn't get stitches but she got a tetanus shot and antibiotics and has to wear gauze.

"And it latched onto me and it picked me up and slammed me down and picked me up and slammed me down and picked me up and slammed me down," said Napier. "And the only thing that I could think of was this is how I'm going to die. I really thought that it was going to kill me."

"I thank God it was me and not that little girl," Napier added. "It would have jerked her over. She's 30 pounds. I'm 130."

She says when she returned to the farm on Wednesday, a new sign had been put up saying not to feed or pet the animals. The zebra and other animals are behind a fence on private property.

The NBC affiliate in Knoxville could not reach the owner of the zebra for comment on Thursday.

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