4 injured in downtown shooting late Saturday

Police on scene of downtown shooting Saturday night. (WTHR Photp/Joe Fenton)
Four People Shot Downtown
Four people shot downtown
Overnight Shooting

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – Metro police say four people were shot in downtown Indianapolis late Saturday night.

The shooting happened around 11:30 near Illinois and Maryland streets.

Police say the victims include three juveniles - two boys and a girl, and one man. All their injuries did not appear to be life threatening and they were last reported in good condition.

IMPD Officer Genae Cook told Eyewitness News that a large group of "juveniles" were seen by police walking in the area and somebody in that group of "20 to 30 people" began shooting.

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She said nobody reported the shots and officers in area heard them and responded.

"Police officers were right here on the scene when this happened," Cook said. "We can't be holding everybody's hand. We can't walk with everybody. We are watching everything, but this where we need the community's help to step in."

Police were able to stop and question some of those in the group who did not run away, but there's no information on a suspect at this time.