3 years later: Fear, frustration and hope surround the Delphi murders

Photos of Abby Williams and Libby German are shown alongside a photo of the man police say murdered the girls during a press conference April 22, 2019, in Delphi, Ind. (WTHR Photo/Evan Hoffmeyer)

DELPHI, Ind. (WTHR) — Three years ago Abby Williams and Libby German were murdered outside the small Carroll County town of Delphi. Despite thousands of tips, a sizable reward, and the work of team of detectives, the girls' killer has never been identified.

Three years later, there aren’t as many wanted posters in the windows of downtown Delphi stores. Some of those that remain are faded. What has not faded is the hope, if not the expectation the man will be caught and prosecuted.

The tears, the anguish and the pain of the girls' murders are not forgotten.

Paige Bowbly can’t shake her fears.

“I have a 12-year-old son, and there is a murderer still loose somewhere.” Bowbly said. “Could be in our community, could be anywhere."

The girls were killed Feb. 13 2017, near a popular hiking trail and railroad bridge just outside of town. Since then, investigators have chased down 40,000 tips and 1,000 possible suspects. A photo and a recording of the suspect and a more detailed sketch apparently haven’t brought detectives any closer to finding him.

According to State Police Sgt. Kim Riley, six to eight local, state and federal investigators are working the case.

"They are working every day to get this case solved, bring justice to the family and let people know we are working it and we are we care very much about this.” Riley said.

Investigators believe the killer is very familiar with the area and may have lived in Delphi.

Police hope video taken on Libby German's cell phone and a new suspect sketch will help them solve the case. (Photos: Indiana State Police)

Cary Flatter believes somebody is keeping his secret.

“Somebody knows something.” Flatter said. “Somebody saw their friend, their father. Somebody changed. There is evidence; somebody is just not talking about.”

That somebody with information leading to the suspect is eligible for a reward of up to $225,000. Police are still getting new leads, hoping one of them leads to a killer.

To send information anonymously, email AbbyandLibbyTip@Cacohshrf.com.