3 important ways soft water is good for your body

Drinking pure water is essential to good health. (Photo Courtesy Deposit Photos)
Flint Stephens

Water is one of the most common elements on earth, essential for the good health of all living things, including people. All water is not equal, however, and the wrong water can even be harmful.

Contaminated water “can lead to adverse health effects, including gastrointestinal illness, reproductive problems, and neurological disorders,” reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some common waterborne ailments include giardia, legionella, norovirus, shigella, campylobacter, salmonella, hepatitis A, cryptosporidium and E. coli.

Water is essential for human functions including brain function, digestion, sleep, joint health, muscle strength, skin tone and more, reports health.com. In fact, research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows the simple act of drinking enough water can reduce the chance of a heart attack.

“Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles. And, it helps the muscles work efficiently," explains the American Heart Association. One of the muscles is the heart. With enough water, it doesn’t have to pump as hard.

Conditioned soft water provides some additional health benefits. Here are some of the perks enjoyed by homeowners with soft water systems.

Healthy, beautiful hair

“Soft shower water leaves hair leaves hair more manageable because there are few mineral salts (pesky molecules that can make strands rough and prone to tangle),” reports health.com. Other benefits include stronger, shinier tresses. Soft water can also help repair hair damaged from chlorine, seawater and harsh sun exposure.

Improved skin

As the largest organ in the body, skin requires adequate water to stay healthy. Soft water helps keep skin pores open, allowing them to absorb moisture.

“The unfortunate truth about drinking water and skin is that water will reach all the other organs before it reaches the skin,” according to the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. “So, it's important to apply water to our skin and keep it there — this will not only show a visible difference in hydration, but it can prevent wrinkles, as well.”

The university reports if your skin doesn’t get sufficient water, the lack of hydration will turn your skin dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling.

Cleaner living environment

Conditioned water increased the effectiveness of soap, shampoos and other cleaning products, according to data from the Water Quality Research Foundation. The research tested the cleaning effectiveness of soft water versus hard water and found that soft water did a better job of cleaning and stain removal while using as much as 50 percent less soap or other cleaning products.

This means you can get yourself, your clothes, your dishes and everything else cleaner with less exposure to chemicals and cleaning products.

Because water is such a critical part of life, you owe it to yourself and your family to have the best water possible in your home. Talk to a water conditioning expert about the type of system that would be best for your house, and start enjoying the benefits soft water can provide.

Flint Stephens has a master's degree in communication. He writes regularly on business, financial and medical topics.