240 treated for effects of now illegal 'bath salts'


INDIANAPOLIS - It'll still be legal to take a bubble bath in Indiana after July first, but "bath salts" will not be legal.

The legislature banned the sale of ingredients in certain so-called bath salts that some young people use to get high. They eat, smoke and even inject the substance which doctors call highly addictive.

The Indiana Poison Center reportedly got 240 overdose reports last week.

Dr. Adam Sharp, who works in the St. Vincent Hospital ER, says the effects of the powerful stimulants can be as bad as meth.  "Very anxious. They hallucinate, (become) disoriented to where they are and who is around them, respiration goes way up. It can be quite dangerous," says Sharp.

Dr. Sharp says the packaging also makes them appear quite harmless to the teens that buy the stuff.

On Thursday evening, we sampled some shops around Indianapolis. Two that had carried it in the past stopped stocking it before the ban took effect.