24 military medals returned after being stolen during California dam evacuation


YUBA CITY, Calif. (KCRA) - A Purple Heart and 23 other military medals that were stolen from a Yuba City, California Vietnam War veteran during the Lake Oroville evacuations were found and returned Sunday evening.

Yuba City Police Chief Robert Landon personally returned the heirlooms to Mike Pomeroy and his family, according to KCRA, our NBC station in Sacramento.

Investigators posted on Facebook late Saturday night that burglars may have dumped Pomeroy's medals and other stolen property in the back of a truck parked in a church's parking lot. The medals were returned less than 24 hours later.

Police said the owner of the truck found the medals and some of Pomeroy's wife's jewelry and turned the items into officers.

(photo courtesy Mike Pomeroy via KCRA)

Two women and a man were arrested in connection with the burglary case.

Pomeroy said the 24 medals were taken from a briefcase in the back of a closet after he and his wife evacuated their home last week.

When they returned home Wednesday, the couple found their home had been burglarized. Thieves also took a laptop, jewelry and cash, but many other high-end items were left untouched, Pomeroy said.

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