2-year-old with Down syndrome enjoying birthday cards as he fights cancer


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WTHR) — Freddie Taylor is a 2-year-old fighter. He has Down syndrome, and in January, he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Freddie is receiving treatment at the cancer program at Medical University of South Carolina Children's Health. He has his good and bad days, but for a toddler battling the obstacles that have been set in front of him, he's handling it surprisingly well.

"He still wakes up pretty happy every day," his mom, Joanne Taylor said. "He's fun. He's outgoing, silly stubborn."

Freddie passes the time playing games and dancing to his favorite tunes while in the hospital. One thing his mom noticed about him as he's been indoors the vast majority of the time he's been in treatment: he loves opening things. With his third birthday coming up, she decided to ask the community for the perfect gift — cards.

In a June 8 Facebook post, his mom shared the address to send cards, and the response has been huge. NBC affiliate WCBD did a story on Freddie, and people from around the country have stepped up to the plate to make his day.

"Teachers are having their classes make cards for him. There wax a lady from Hawaii who messaged me and said, 'Aloha, our kids what to make him a card.' I think that's so cool," Joanne said.

Freddie's birthday is June 14. If you'd like to send him a card, mail it to the address below:

Freddie Taylor
7B Children's Hospital MUSC
165 Ashley Avenue
PO Box 250329
Charleston, SC 29425

To follow Freddie's journey through leukemia treatment, follow him on his Facebook page, Team Freddie.

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