19-year-old fatally stabs Florida couple, found biting man's face

Austin Harrouff

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. (NBC News) - Authorities in Florida still have no motive for a double homicide with a grisly twist.

53-year-old Michelle Mishcon and 59-year-old John Stevens were brutally attacked and killed Monday night.

Michelle Mishcon and John Stevens

Each had multiple stab wounds, and when deputies arrived on the scene, they say they found 19-year old Austin Harrouff biting the face off John Stevens. Harrouff faces charges in the deadly stabbings.

Authorities said Tuesday that they could find no connection between the victims and the suspect and they may never know the motive, because Harrouff is hospitalized and may not survive.

While he is not wounded, they believe he may have ingested something. Police say he was incoherent and was making "animal-like noises" when he was taken to the hospital after the attack.

"It is absolutely not clear at this time what propelled our suspect to go down a quiet upper-class street in South Martin County and commit two violent homicides," said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

Snyder said Harrouff tested negative for a number of drugs, including methamphetamine. Results for substances known to cause excited delirium - such a flakka and bath salts - are pending. Synder noted that Harrouff didn't have the raised body temperature often associated with flakka use.

The coroner said Stevens died of multiple, serious stab wounds and blunt trauma. An autopsy has not yet been completed on Mishcon.

"I've seen a lot of crime scenes," Snyder said. "I was there last night. I don't know that I've ever seen anything with this much violence or this much aggression in a homicide."

He said the crime just doesn't make sense.

"What's so difficult for all of us to get our arms around is there's no nexus that we can find, no connection between the offender and the victims," Snyder said. "As random as random could be."

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