13 things you didn't know about Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck

Since he arrived in Indianapolis, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has been hard at work turning around this franchise. We know he can throw the football, but what's the 23-year-old really like away from the game?

Dave Calabro: "You live alone. Are you single? Tell us about your lifestyle. You are a pretty private guy."

Andrew Luck: "I do have a girlfriend, and she is living with me. She keeps me straight."

DC: "And you guys try to play it low profile. Do you like to go out and about? Visit restaurants?"

AL: "I try not to be too much of a hermit and stay in the apartment. We like to go out. There are a lot of great restaurants downtown."

DC: "Are you a steak or seafood guy? What's your go-to?"

AL: "I like a New York strip, actually! That's my favorite!"

DC: "If Mom is cooking for you, what are you ordering up?

AL: "If Mom is cooking, I go for a dish called chicken marbella. I don't think it's the same as the others. Its a Mediterranean dish with olives and rice."

DC: "What's the best advice you have been given by Mom and Dad? For those of us raising children now, what did your parent say to you?"

AL: "Just respect people, I think. Show people respect and you will get respect in return."

DC: "What did you splurge on when you got that new contract? Is there something you always wanted for yourself?"

AL: "I got a new ping pong table. You will laugh at that!"

DC: "I am laughing!"

Dave and Andrew played a little ping pong and Andrew showed off his mad skills. Andrew says both of his parents played.

"My mom is really good. My brother and I have surpassed her now in ping pong skills," he said.

Any game becomes competitive for Luck, but he added, "I wouldn't say competitive to the point where it ruins relationships with people. Or I try not to turn a Scrabble game into some personal battle between someone. But I play to win, I guess!"

I asked him what sport he'd be playing if it wasn't football.

"I love sports...basketball, soccer," he said.

DC: "You were quite a soccer player as a kid."

AL: "I don't know about 'quite.' I did enjoy it. I was pedestrian, average at best."

DC: Growing up in Europe, you were in Germany until fourth grade. Germany and London."

AL: "For nine years, I didn't know any different. I thought every kid grew up overseas with an American family."

Andrew says he might have been fluent in German at some point, but "I forget it all. I took it my freshman year at Stanford. I think if I went back to Germany I would be all right finding a hotel room."

DC: "You are the oldest of four children. What kind of big brother are you?"

AL: "I was a nuisance to my siblings."

DC: "Do they come to your for advice?"

AL: "Not often. I don't know what advice I would give them. They are a lot smarter than me!"

DC: "That's saying a lot! You are a smart kid!

AL: "I don't know about that. They know I would bring them down with my advice!"

On Luck's iPod? "I have a decent collection. Springsteen is the most prevalent artist in there."

Andrew assured us it's "older Boss" as opposed to the new Boss. He also likes Young the Giant, who "started out as a band at Stanford when I was a freshman. They have gotten big the last couple of years. It's fun to hear them on the radio."

DC: "Did you finally get a new phone? Everyone is worried you still have that flip phone."

AL: "I don't have a new phone. I am resisting!"

DC: "What do you mean? You still have a flip phone?"

AL: "It gets the job done."

DC: "You just got a $14 million signing bonus! And you still carry a flip phone. Why is that?

AL: "I am used to it. I have an iPad so that handles all the technology at my fingertips. The phone gets the job done. It can text and make calls so I don't need anything beyond that."

As far as Twitter and Facebook, Luck says he had a Facebook account in high school but he "grew out of it" and hasn't felt the need to use it.

No sports cars or fancy houses for Luck, but he did buy a condo in Indianapolis.

"Hopefully it means sticking around for the long haul," he said. "That and a ping pong table, and I got cable and internet so it works out well."

DC: "Did you go buy a bunch of suits? Are you into fashion?

AL: "I didn't buy too many suits. I wouldn't know what to buy!"

So far, Luck has resisted commercial endorsements.

"I figure I should earn it. You know, earn it in this league then reap the benefits later," he said.

Luck says being Colts QB is "very demanding, but I am fortunate to be here in this position, to play a game, to play a professional sport at the age of 23 and be in a great city with great people."