13 students arrested after fights at Arsenal Tech High School

Fight causes chaos at Arsenal Tech 6:30
Fight causes chaos at Arsenal Tech 6:00
Fight causes chaos at Arsenal Tech 5:00
Fight causes chaos at Arsenal Tech 4:30
Fight Causes Chaos at Arsenal Tech
Arrests after fight at high school
Arrests after fight at Tech High School

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - More than a dozen students were arrested after multiple fights at Arsenal Tech High School Thursday afternoon.

Metro Police say as many as 10 students started fighting in a courtyard around 1 p.m. and more than 100 students gathered to watch and record the fights on their phone cameras. IPS Police, IMPD and IFD firefighters responded to help resolve the situation.

Eight students suffered minor injuries, according to an IPS spokesperson. Most were treated on the scene, but three were taken to the hospital to be checked out. One of those hyperventilated, a second had a hand injury and a third hurt their ankle.

Thirteen students were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

“I seen a total of eight people fighting," said student Colby Phillips. He said it started when a student threw an apple and hit someone. “After everybody left the lunchroom, they started another fight outside the school.“

“She said it was just a big fight, they started swinging on everybody. I said for what?" said parent Latrice Johnson.

Police responded in force. They said the students did not use weapons.

“He called me hysterical. He said 'mom come and get me now, I was trying to get away from the fight,'" said Colby’s mother Suprena Carter.

Her son said he caught some pepper spray when he was pushed into a police officer.

“I was feeling rage and pain at the same time," he said.

Other students reported they were pepper sprayed. One Mother told us her daughter was among them.

“Her eyes and everything were burning.“

“There were initial reports that the fight was large. That was not true or accurate. It was a ltypical high school type fight,” said deputy police chief Chad Knecht

IMPD says a large crowd gathered to watch the fight.

“Somebody ran up on the side and punched me,” one student told us. "So I turned around and get fighting with them.“

He says that’s when police cuffed and then put them in a van. He was later released.

“There were so many emergency vehicles. And to have the school not alert the parents. I don’t really understand that," said Lindy Cooley, another mother who came to the scene.

Her son Sean is a student with autism.

“It was just terrible," Sean told us. “I was trying to get away from the flight.“

Three hours after the incident, we found some parents were just finding out about it. Some were still trying to locate their children.

"It's definitely ridiculous," parent Tenesha Johnson said.

With the fighting came consequences. One student held up a white sheet of paper.

“I’m holding a suspension letter for four days. They are suspending us for four days.“

“We greatly appreciate the quick response from IPS Police and IMPD to protect our students. We are fortunate to have an ongoing relationship with the Peace Learning Center whose mission is to teach conflict resolution and build peace throughout the Indianapolis community,” said Carrie Cline Black, an IPS spokesperson. “They have been working with our students as we have transitioned to our new high school experience. That work will continue throughout the school year.”

Students were dismissed around 2:30 p.m. School officials plan to have additional security, counselors and social workers Friday to ensure a smooth school day. Lunch periods will also be staggered, as will dismissal at the end of the day.