13 Investigates: EPA's Office of Inspector General to hear from Franklin residents

(WTHR photo)

JOHNSON COUNTY, Indiana (WTHR) - Franklin residents will get a chance to speak to investigators from the EPA Office of the Inspector General about the clean up of toxins in their community.

The team from Washington D.C. wants to know how well state and federal inspectors have communicated about health and safety issues.

It's is a first for the Office of the Inspector General. Investigators are here to seek input about crisis communications regarding the EPA's Amphenol site cleanup as well as state clean up sites nearby.

This all comes just months after the Edison Wetlands Association sent a scathing 30-page letter calling on the Inspector General of the EPA to investigate the failings of the site that has been under the EPA's watch for about 30 years.

Edison Wetlands was the first organization to do residential vapor testing in Franklin. They came after teaming up with the grassroots group "If It Was Your Child." The group formed after 13 Investigates discovered a high rate of childhood cancer in Johnson County and nearly half of children diagnosed living in Franklin.

EWA says the EPA has been silent on important issues and failed to provide adequate leadership.

On Wednesday night, residents who wish to speak will be given three minutes to share their experiences in getting timely information about health and safety issues related to the toxic cleanup.

Homeowners like the Denny family, whose basement flooded after a sewer collapsed feet from their home. The Dennys said they did not receive any information about what was in the water and whether it should be tested.

At the same time, workers dug up yards of dirt and sent it for testing.

"All the reports of the children having ailments and cancer and things. We actually have our granddaughter living with us. She's around 12. I'm thinking, you know, what's going on with her? said Mike Denny, Franklin.