13 Investigates: Desperate for answers

City of Franklin asks water company to respond to 13 Investigates report
Franklin families discover girls diagnosed with cancer lived in same apartment
Thursday at 11: Getting answers in Johnson County childhood cancer cases

More than 20 Johnson County families are demanding answers after a series of childhood cancer diagnoses. "In your gut you know there's something more than bad luck going on. It has to be," Dotson Findley told 13 Investigates.

1. 13 Investigates childhood cancer rates in Johnson County - For 20 years, Dotson Findley called the Johnson County community home. But months ago, she said goodbye to her life in Franklin, Indiana after her daughter Emma Grace died from Glioblastoma, a rare brain cancer. Emma Grace was just 13.

2. 13 Investigates identifies more cancer cases in Johnson County - The number of childhood cancer cases discovered by 13 Investigates has expanded from 20 to 30 cases in Johnson County.

3. State health leaders: No cancer cluster in Johnson County - State health and environmental leaders responded Monday to a 13 Investigates report on an alarming pediatric cancer rate in Johnson County.

4. Franklin families discover girls diagnosed with cancer lived in same apartment - There are new childhood cancer connections in one Johnson County town.

5. Johnson Co. moms of children with cancer push for change in Congress - A group of Johnson County mothers who watched their kids fight cancer are now joining forces to help push for change in Congress.

6. New state, federal guidelines for Cancer Cluster investigations - Big changes are on the way to help report, track and investigate cancer clusters in Indiana and across the country.

7. President signs historic laws regulating chemicals and cancer cluster investigations - It's official. President Obama signed into law new legislation to better regulate toxic chemicals and cancer cluster investigations.